How to restore my website into a .sparkle file?


I accidentally deleted my website’s .sparkle file. I wasn’t able to restore the file itself.

How can I have my website back? I tried built in Import website option, but it’s not good enough.

Hi @discord and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Well that’s not good! So did you also do any of the following…

  • Check your Bin and see if the file sits in it?
  • Do a Finder search for “.sparkle”?
  • Employ Time Machine and look for your Sparkle file in the past?

Hi friend, thanks for welcoming.

I emptied the bin, tried restoring the file but didn’t work.
Did finder search, I could only find other project files.
Unfortunately, I don’t have Time Machine turned on.

@discord could you have saved it in iCloud? or an external hard drive?

Then there are options like these…

We might be running out of options trying to find your file then, unless others can chime in with other ideas/possibilities.

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You already mentioned all the solutions @FlaminFig
The older versions of Sparkle automatically used icloud for saving location, i recently have discovered that.
When saving on icloud you still can recover your files upto 30 days.

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Assuming all other attempts to recover the .sparkle file fail, the sub-optimal solution is to import the live published website.

This is definitely not the way to go if you can find the .sparkle file, but if you can’t, it’s better than nothing.

File → “New by importing website” will scan the pages of your existing website and recreate the desktop layout, then import text and images.

Many things won’t be imported, such as mobile layout, animations, server features (like contact forms), popups and other “active” page features. But at least you’ll have a starting point to recreate your website.

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Also, try going to ‘File’ the ‘Revert to’ and see if anything is stored in the backup section. I have been lucky enough to recover files that way.