How to set up a favicon image?

Im having an issue changing the favicon on a website that I have uploaded. Any advice on this?


This can be done in the general settings.

Read the documentation please.

Mr. F.

I have read every word of the documentation, please. And have built 100 websites with Sparkleā€¦Mr Fozzle. But I canā€™t seem to get the favicon issue settledā€¦so I asked a general question. Thank you for your gracious reply.

Alright. Please allow a question:

Why did you not write that in your initial post?

I donā€˜t know who you are and what you have done or tried in the past. Mind reading is not my best skill :grimacing:

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The favicon Icon may not show up until you empty your browser cache - it can also be delayed from showing because of your server cache.

Thank youā€¦I have emptied all browser cachesā€¦probaby a server cache problem.
Many thanks.

Hey @ShawnBullard311, sometimes browsers hang on to favicons more aggressively than regular page content. There are guides on how to clear the favicon cache specifically, for example:

I suggest search for ā€œclear faviconā€ + your browser and browser version (for Safari specifically it varies between macOS versions).

Thank you Duncanā€¦this is the info that I was looking for. Much appreciatedā€¦.