How to Specify Text Input Box order?

Context: Have created a contact form. Towards the end of the page I decided an extra text input field was needed but nearer the top. The input box was position OK but when I populate the fields in live mode and tab through, the tabulation goes down the form and then back up to the last box I created. Ideally I want the tab to go down the form in order.

Question: How do I specify the order the text input fields are navigated to when you hit the tab key?

That is an easy one @mbeemerboy!
In your left hand panel under Layers, you just need to move the last input field element to match the order you want.

Sorry to say - that hasn’t worked for me.

Sadly the advice by FlaminFig has not fixed my issue. I’m using 5.2.5 (24780).

Does anyone else have a suggestion as to how to get the text input box in the right order when you tab through?

My experience has shown that they are activated in the order in which they were inserted.
So delete everything and start from the beginning.
But I am happy to be taught better :wink:

Sorry to hear that! Maybe a screenshot of your Layers Panel could be of help…