How to superimpose one layer on top of another? Problems with an animation

In the example there is the animation of the text that I cannot put in front of the grey box. In fact the rotation is always underneath.
There are 3 layers, one is the black box at the top, another is the one containing the animation and the last one is the one with the grey box.
The layer that contains the animation is above the other, in front of all of them. The animated object is also at the top in front of everyone. Despite this, I cannot put it in front. Any advice?


Hi @MultimediaMan, can you upload a screenshot of your layers panel with everything open so we can see it. Also, make sure we know which layer is the animation (it’s name).

Hello and thank you for your help.
Here is the screenshot of the current levels:
The animation is in the "Box Logo “My Last News” level and as you see it is tucked in at the top, before all the others.
The black block you see at the top is instead the “Box TESTO INTRO” layer.
The grey block you see below, which is then the one covering the animation is called “Box NOTIZIE 10 L’immagine elettronica”.
In theory, the “Box Logo My Last News” layer at the top should overlay everything at the bottom, but it does not.

Hi MultimediaMan,

Tried to replicate your problem and it looked to be a kind of a bug but when I did other manipulations suddenly a miracle: it works fine after reversing the layers order and next changing to the original order. Namely, two layers are placed and you expect the top one to rotate than it behaves as in your case, but when you take the top layer below the originally second and next put it back at the top it works fine.

Hopefully it works also for you.

No, it still doesn’t work. I have tried reversing the order of the levels, but I get the same result. At this point I think it is a bug. I have sent a communication to Duncan.