I can see the home folder in my C panel (HostGator) but Sparkle won't upload to it

I have been using Sparkle for quite a while. I have two other websites I have created with no problem. But for some reason with this new one I am trying to upload, it just won’t go to the home folder. I am using Host Gator to host the websites.

Hopefully you can see the screenshot
I’ve uploaded.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS - some of the photos in my website are pretty large files. Could this have something to do with it?

Hi and welcome ! :wave:t2: :blush:

No, regardless of the size of your project, it shouldn’t be an issue to publish your website. It will just take longer.
However, without seeing your publishing settings, it’s difficult for us to help you :confused: What happens when you click “publish” on Sparkle?

HI Allan … thanks for responding. to my question.

The response I get is simply "The website was not uploaded to millanspokane.com

Let me know which things you need to see from ,my Sparkle settings and I will upload a screenshot.

Again … I appreciate your help!

So, you managed to set up the publishing locations without any issues, but you are unable to publish? That’s strange.

In your “file manager” within your CPanel, could you check the permissions of the public_html folder? Are the permissions set correctly to 755?

I will check and post what I find. I am away from my Mac until tomorrow. I will post then.

Thanks again

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Hi @dMacGuy,

Sometimes an earlier website on the host can precent Sparkle’s auto detection from working.

The screenshot of the file manager helps, though it doesn’t tell the whole story. Can you also show a screenshot of Sparkle showing the setup error message?

The message you are referring to is a bit cryptic and we should find a way to improve it, but what it is saying is the folder you have picked in Sparkle doesn’t appear to be the same folder the web server has in its configuration as the source (folder) for the website contents.

That’s still the setup phase, it’s not a publishing phase, there’s been no publishing attempt yet, just an attempt at detecting the server setup, and that hasn’t worked.

The check Sparkle performs is to write a “probe” file in the folder you pick, and attempt to read it on the web address you have entered.

The screenshot in Sparkle shows a few more details, such as which web address you have entered, so we can attempt to troubleshoot it by looking at what’s there.