I'm attempting to fix in place a Picture and button with a link

So that the rest of the Page scrolls past it and lets it appear at the appropriate height.

As in a peek a boo to a main component of my information.

I have picture elements that I have fixed as a low level item that is scrolled over on multiple sites at this point.

Can I do a Group with a link?

A text with a link?

The same layout?

I’m missing something in process.


@jfmusic, Mmmm… Would you have an example of what you are looking to do? I think I know but seeing it in action would be a big help so I’m not waffling…

if you look at my https://www.jfmconsulting.com

site you can see there is a blurry image fixed in the background, that
other parts of the page slip over.

I want that affect but rather then have a simple graphic,
to have a Link and graphic sitting there. So I have different layers with links.

I might just be desires of something out side the norm,

@jfmusic, Ok what you can do is place the clickable content you want in a box and group. Then place your grouped box where you want it on the canvas. Once you have them grouped you’ll see on the right hand side panel you can “Fix to browser bottom”. To adjust where it sits on your canvas (and in the browser) double click the group so you can select the box and give it height and eventually you’ll get it fixed in the position you want it.

Of course the elements you place within the now fixed to browser bottom box can be made actively clickable.
Have fun! :)…

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Thank you , I would not have thought attach to bottom…

So you seem to be one of the more kind and knowledgeable folks around,
may I lean on you again. This is just not working as I would think it should
and I might just be brain dead and not recalling the use of, or implementing as such.

Test site.

I created a 1 item test site and put it up. You can see the image is set to follow footer. It dosent seem to follow footer regardless of what I am doing.

This stems from me trying for two days to accomplish what we discussed further above. But I can’t even place a fixed in window, where I want it. I slide it to where I think I want it and click, fix in window and it jumps down to what looks like the bottom of my page.
I tried two Items and grouped them, fix to bottom as well. No Luck.

Now fix to bottom doesn’t seem to fix to bottom. What am I missing please?

The follow footer option basically glues the object or objects relative to the bottom of the page. If you set his option on an item and then make the page longer with the bottom resize handle, the object will retain its position relative to the bottom of the page. In the following illustration, I’ve set two object to follow footer. The shaded box represents other content on the page.

If I now drag the resize handle, the two elements that have been set to follow footer will move relative to the new page bottom, leaving the other content where it was originally placed on the page - like this:

This feature is really a convenience feature during design. It allows you to create a group of items that form the footer of your page. You can then group those items, place the group at the foot of the page and have it glued to the page bottom. If you need to make the page longer as you add new content, you will not have to reposition your footer items as they will move down automatically as you make the page longer.

I’m not sure how this relates to what it is you’re trying to do, but it is worth remembering that follow footer doesn’t mean sticking to the browser bottom. If the page is shorter than your browser window, the footer items will appear wherever your page ends.

Now, going back to your initial requirement. The effect you describe relating tho the blurry image on your page is a parallax effect. Essentially, the page content rolls over a background image that is fixed in a specific position on the page, I understand up to that point, but I’m not sure what you need to do from there on.

My reading is that you want people to scroll the page and when they reach a certain point on the page, an image and/or button/link appears on the page. If this is correct, you will have to use the animate on scroll feature on those elements. In the example below, I’ve added an image to the page, but this will only appear when the user scrolls to that location on the page. Furthermore, the appearance of the image will be delayed by 3 seconds. Once it appears, it will not go away - it will remain there. Note also that the image has been placed ON TOP of another element.

This is the page as seen in a browser before the animate on scroll effect kicks-in:

And this is the page as seen in a browser after the animate on scroll feature kicks-in:

I hope I’ve understood well. But, if not, please clarify some more - maybe with a specific example.

Thanks for the in-depth, yes that makes sense.

I’ll attempt the Animate component.

I guess I’m not familiar enough and just burnt out.

I kept thinking follow footer would also follow the bottom of the published page, in that, if the window was made shorter the item would be held at the bottom of the window regardless of size. Like keep at top. Duh.