Image Descriptions, Exif, and Smart Fields

I’m trying to understand the relationship between the “IMAGE DESCRIPTION” in the image gallery, the description in the exif fields, and Smart Fields. I can never get the Image Description in the image gallery to appear using smart fields. I can get it to display if there is one in the exif yet it seems that there is limit to the number of characters.

So my question is, the Image Description Smart Field is meant to be connected to the exif Description only and not the “IMAGE DESCRIPTION” in the image gallery?

Hi @jcrbam, we recently updated the documentation to specify that “Image Description” corresponds to the “Caption” field in apps like Lightroom.

So the Image Description in the image gallery does not connect to the Smart Field Image Description?

Ah, sorry I hadn’t even considered that. That would be a great feature to add, but no it’s not currently possible. The smart fields extract data from “EXIF” metadata, or data that is embedded in the original image file.

It’s worth adding that to the documentation. I looked for it but could not find it. So it makes me wonder what the Image Gallery Image description is actually for.

That’s for accessibility and SEO purposes, image descriptions are considered to be very important for both.