Image Gallery shows only 1 dot

Hello, I have a problem with image gallery and dots. I added 10 images to the gallery but it only shows 1 dot below the image. It should show 10 dots.

Kind regards

Hi there.

Just a good guess: black dots on a black background are invisible. As far as I know, you can’t change the color of the dots. So please change the background.

Mr. F.

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Ohhh sorry @Mr_Fozzie, but you are able to change the colour of the dots. But you are right about the dots not showing because the default colour of the dots are close to black…

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Thank you for your responses.

The dots are set to “white”. You can see this in the picture. Only 1 dot shows white color. The others did not show as white although they are set as “white”.

I wonder where the problem is.

Re-started Sparkle a few times. Created the image gallery from scratch. No change.

I might have misread @Mr_Fozzie response and how I answered it.
We are not able to change the inactive dot colour which is default to a dark grey, only the active dot colour which you have chosen as white.

I would also love to have control over the inactive / hover colour! :slight_smile:


Thank you @greenskin and @Mr_Fozzie.

Then I will stick to arrows even though I like those dots so much more! And yes, “control over the inactive / hover colour” would be great.

I wonder if I can create those dots “by hand”. A lot of work but I will try it.

Have a great day!