Image resolution different for Photos in a box?

Hi everybody

I am not sure, but it seems that the same photo does have a much lower resolution
if inserted in a BOX and beeing FIXED
that if it is just put as a IMAGE

Is this so or ist it a bad setting
I did upload as 1x, 2x, 3x all pictures as Webp

(see comparison Photo) = screenshots of the mobile-phone screen

Hi @arteventura, when you say your have “fixed” the image in a box, do you mean you have placed an image in a box and then ticked “Fixed In Window”?

If that is the case then the “Fixed In Window” means your image is proportionally displayed based on the window size of your mobile screen, aka the view port. It is not contained in the box dimensions, and therefore the difference in image quality.

Placing a really high-res image could fix the situation.

Thank Fleming, I placed it exactly as you say. I will try with a high-res one. The case is that on other devices, as big as desktop, the image is displayed sharply, even when places in a box

I’m afraid I’m not really sure what I’m looking at.

If I put an image and a box side by side the resolution is identical, so it’s not about the image or box. The fixed in window might be causing this but what’s that? Mobile? Screenshot from the phone? What’s the setup?

It’s best if you share the project, maybe via email if you don’t want to share here.

thanks Duncan, I sendt you right now the file
and I post it here as well:

This one is to be tested on mobile phone only
I did not look much at the other devices

take a look, and tell me, if there is a way to do better…

The fixed image is zoomed in, it doesn’t just seem so.

“Fixed in window” means the image reference boundary is no longer the element itself, but the entire “window” (or device screen, in the case of a mobile device).

So if you have the image also stretched, it will be zoomed in.

An image blurriness in that case will be because of a lack of source pixels, and is inevitable.

ok, both of the showed photos are “streched” but only the one which is fixed (not scrolling) is zoomed in
I do not understand why there is a difference as “fixing” just prevents of scrolling

and the other case (upper photos) : Photo IN box or Photo as IMAGE with the same width - why the one in the box cannot have the same resolution?

It does not just do that. As mentioned above: