Image/Video Grid labels and Lightbox

Hi, when setting up an image gallery, clicking on an image allows a Lightbox zoom in and you can also attach labels - is this possible in the Image/video grid? It seems like the Lightbox functionality in particular would make sense since all the images are relatively small.

As a artist, it would be great for a viewer to see all the works in an exhibition at once (as the Image/video grid allows) and then for them to click on images of interest, have it enlarge and include the details of the work (title, year, medium, size) as an overlay at the bottom when the image is hovered on. So, if it can’t be done, could this be a request for future releases?


Oh. Stupid me, just saw if you select the page, the Lightbox zoom is possible in Image/video grid.

Is it also possible then, to include a label?

Currently, there is no provision to show the label in an image/video grid. Hopefully this will come though!

Are you looking to something similar to one of my site :

Hi Scoutdesign and Frenchie, thanks for getting back.
Damn. Labels on the image/video grid would be fantastic and save the need to produce a slide gallery. I guess I should make a formal request.
And Frenchie, thanks your page La serie Bostene is something like what I would hope for but with the labels not visible until you enlarge the image in a Lightbox (and ideally, only when you hover over the image.) Thanks though, that might be a short term solution.

@Playername have you though of using a Popup?..

With one of my templates that I’m realising soon I have created this that sounds very close to what you are asking about. The first screenshot is the thumbnail, the second is the Lightbox with a popup and a Background Fill…

Hi FlaminFig

Interesting and thank you. I haven’t looked at Popups before. I will have to check the documentation but yes, I could see how that might work as it looks like you can use them with text. Thanks!

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Hi FlaminFig,
This looks great and is exactly what I was searching for. I have a travel website with lots of pics and want to add a description to each foto. I found out how to do it in the grid with simple text fields. But I haven’t got a clue how to get a popup into a lightbox. Could you please give me one more hint?
@ sparkle team: of course it would be great to have a label like in image galleries, which is shown both in the image grid and in the lightbox.


@hzbuy, your are not going to like it…

The Image/Video Layout Grid yes caters for a Lightbox but you can’t implement any sort of description on the Lightbox image. In my example above I have just placed an Image element and when clicked it opens up in a Popup to imitate a Lightbox. The Popup can also contain an Image Gallery which I created in one of my templates which you can see here - Conscious Photography

The other way you can do this is use the Grid Layout Block element where you can have the image open up in a Popup and then your can use a Popup with an image as the background or your can use an Image Gallery - in both cases you can have a description on the image.

Hi FlamingFig,
thanks a lot you for your explanation. Now I don’t feel so stupid anymore :wink:. Yes, I switched to image galleries for description purposes and used the label with the “Image description” smart field to display the Lightroom „caption“ under the photo. That works great!
But I still like the idea that you can see the entire photo collection at a glance - with a description below. Maybe that will be possible in a later release.
The idea of ​​the popup behind a photo with an image gallery behind is brilliant. I think I’ll try that on my website at some point. Thanks!

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