Image/Video Grid - mobile issue?

I’m now trying to employ image/video grids into a site I’m working on. Great feature, BTW.

The grid opens when the button created is clicked. So far so good. The grid appears, and pushes down elements below it. Works fine…on the desktop and mobile layout…

When the grid is closed, the elements below it move back into their original positions, but ONLY on the desktop layout. The mobile layout leaves a large gap where the grid was previously.

Any suggestions? If this doesn’t work on mobile, I’ll need to find a workaround.

Thanks, using Sparkle 5.5, FYI

It would be best if we could reproduce it, please send us the project file.

I think this may have something to do with position/sizing of elements on the mobile version of the page. If you take a look at THIS page, I’ve created a layout grid which can be hidden or displayed via a button. It works well on my desktop and mobile devices. However, when creating it, I did notice that the layout block on the mobile page was positioned further down the page than anticipated. It’s also important to ensure that your grid cells are resized to better suit the mobile screen. If you don’t do this, the cells can get distorted as they try to squeeze into the smaller space. Check the link above on desktop and mobile to see if it works for you.

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I sent you a file…big one too. Let me know you got it.

Sorry, I failed to respond. That’s a good idea, thanks!