Images disappear in Chrome when uploaded

images appear fine in preview but do not when uploaded in chrome. A tiny little icon appears instead in the top left corner where images should be.

This could be some things, like your browser cache or even your antivirus.

If you have antivirus, check out this thread: Cautionary tale about antivirus software - Sparkle Community (

For cache, just use another device to check if you can, or if not, you can clear your page cache using CMD+SHIFT+R

Welcome onboard @Signbiz! :slight_smile:

When you say “uploaded to chrome” are you meaning once published? It’s not very clear to give you an answer…

This was answered here:

Sorry. I’m rubbish at terminology. What I meant was… Works ok on Safari but does nGreetings,
Robinot display any images in chrome.
Thank you so much for your response. I’m not a web guy. Mainly design for print, garments and signs.

So just to make sure, your are Preview(ing) your Sparkle site in Safari and then in Chrome on your iMac. If that is correct then have you got the latest Google Chrome browser onboard?

If you have Publish(ed) your Sparkle website to your hosting platform and then viewing it in Chrome with the missing images then it can be the issue Duncan has referred too.

Sorry… I never checked my typing. It appears gobbledegook.
When I preview the Safari and Google buttons are checked and it previews the way I expect.
But when I publish, most images are there in Safari but not in Google.
Thank you for all your help. Both you and Duncan have been very patient.

Thank you Primo. I will try that and see if it works.
Really appreciate your help.