Importing protected pages

I recently began using Sparkle and am (too slowly!) updating my websites. So far it is much friendlier than the last program used (Yep, the one everyone begins on and too many stay with). Thanks, much, to the developers, the tutorials, as well as the Community pages.

My question concerns importing websites with protected pages. I assume the protected page is wholly excluded from the import (correct?).

Just want to check if there is a work-around available, other than logging into each protected page to import it individually. Perhaps there is a routine to prompt a login window when encountering a protected page?

Thanks much for any suggestions.

If you attempt to import a protected page in Sparkle, it will import the page that gets displayed as a result of the protection. For example, if you access a page called protectedPage.php, the browser will typically display a page stating you are not authorised to view the page, or that you should login. That is the page that will be imported into sparkle. In order to successfully import the protected page, the URL of the protected page must be appended with a security token that tells the server that the page is being accessed by an authorised user. If that wasn’t the case, it would simply highlight that the protection is fairly useless.

Thanks for the confirmation. Yes, correct, the authorisation-alert page was imported not the protected page, as should occur for obvious security reasons.

So, your answer to my question is “No, there is no work-around within Sparkle.”

If you are the developer of the site, you could temporarily remove the PHP page headers (the bit before the doctype). This would effectively un-protect the pages. You could then import them as usual then put the header information back. You can usually do this simple job through your cPanel or through a third party FTP application. Both should give you the option of editing pages on-line.