Importing website takes many hours -- what am I doing wrong?

I will first introduce myself as the owner of a website first created in 1997. Over the years I have used a number of different website editors, but I settled on Sandvox a long time ago. I now aspire to gain a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by being the last person on the planet to abandon Sandvox. I spent some time reading the documentation, researching reviews of Sparkle, and reading some of the material here before purchasing Sparkle Personal last night. I fired it up and used the “Import website” feature. I entered my website ( and sat back to watch the action.

Well, there wasn’t much action. My network monitor showed no activity for five to ten seconds, then a short burst of downloading at about 1K per second. Then another delay, another burst, and so on. My website is rather large, consisting of several thousand pages; the Sandvox file is just over a gigabyte in size. I calculated that, at the current rate, it would take four months to import my website.

But I wanted to give Sparkle a chance, so I set my Mac to remain awake indefinitely and went to bed. This morning Sparkle is still ‘importing’. There is no indication of what it is doing and no progress bar, so I have no idea whether Sparkle is actually doing anything. There is a little “I’m busy” icon that is spinning, so Sparkle has not crashed. Every now and then a text message flashes for a small fraction of a second at the bottom of the import window, but despite carefully watching, I cannot figure out what it is saying.

I have searched the community forum for “Import” and “Import Website” and read a great many messages, but so far nobody seems to have described the same problem I am having. Gee, I’ve always been something of a pioneer, but this is not what the kind of pioneering I expected.

So, can anybody give me any suggestions on how to import my website this year?

Welcome @Erasmus to the world of Sparkle. I took a look at your site and tried to import it into a new Sparkle file. It was taking between 1 and 5 seconds per page to import so actually was working as it should do. A lot will depend on your computer… memory, storage, age etc etc. I am on an M1 silicon laptop and it seemed fine. It’s very difficult to establish a cause for your speed of import without knowing all about your machine. Perhaps try it on a known fast machine to see if that helps. Sorry can’t be more help.

Thanks much! Your comment inspired me to take a different tack: I tried to import my wife’s website, which is only 25 pages. But first I checked Sparkle with the Activity Monitor. Sparkle was very busy doing SOMETHING, but I don’t know what. The Activity Monitor showed it using three processes that together took up about 120% of a single core on my six-core iMac. Importing the small website took less than one minute. So I set that aside and tried once again to import my website. This time everything started working hunky-dory. It’s pulling about one page every four seconds, and it reports (so far) only 1782 pages, so right now I’m guessing a total import time of about two hours. Pretty good!

Thanks again! I will surely be back with more queries as I continue to learn this program.

I am happy to report that I have successfully imported the website. It took about two hours, as I estimated, and imported a total of 1805 pages. Especially interesting is the fact that the website, which consumed a tad over a gigabyte in Sandvox format, needs only 515 megabytes in Sparkle format. It includes 1,863,973 words – I’m a prolific writer – 4260 images, 5398 “box backgrounds” – I don’t know what those are, but it sounds bad – 34 videos and 35 audios.

Of course, the formatting is way off, as we would expect in any attempt to capture a data structure as complicated as that of a website. Now I have to figure out how to format the pages correctly. Stand by for a torrent of whining and moaning…

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You might change your website to blog with such huge amount of written content.
Blog has their advantages and some disadvantages.
Only an idea and suggestion to think about it.

Thanks, but I have organized my website in a logically structured manner. A blog is a disorganized jumble with a clumsy thematic system tacked onto it. I prefer a logical tree structure that allows the user to more easily find content. Within some of my tree structures there are blog-like sequences of essays.

Interestingly, my website predates blogs.

Thanks again!

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Hi Erasmus!
I have a quite similar situation: site made with Sandvox, still working, but my new computer doesn’t. So decided to switch to Sparkle. My husband’s site has almost 6 thousands pages and it took one entire day to be imported, but in the end it worked. Sparkle did quite well and also all the links where kept. My problem is the following: every page has the main menu and the name of the site, which were formatted as to be present in all pages. Now they are still there but indicated as only in that single page. So, if I want to delete them all at once, is there any possibility? I can’t go page by page and delete them one at the time. Did you experienced such a problem?
Thanks in any case for giving me some hits!
maria Laura