Including a SiteSeal

Hi Sparklers, does anyone know how to make a SiteSeal visible on a website?
I have the code to make it visible, but don’t get it done.

Many thanks in forward.

You need to have a code for embedded HTML, put your code in brackets, refer to sparkle documentation.

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Ok I’ve tried it out and it… works partially, but only this website (still on work): (please scroll to the very bottom of the page).
But on these 2 sites: and no way to get it running. Scroll to the very bottom where you see both brackets, that’s it.
Any idea or advices?

Thanks in forward and regards

Deine webseiten sehen sehr gut aus :wink:
Komme ursprünglich aus der Nähe von Stuttgart.

Did you copied it exactly from your working site to your second site?
Also everything the same setup?

Yes everything exactly the same.

Danke für das Lob. Halt “Sparkle-made”, nichts anderes.


Someone needs to look in your files. You might shoot Duncan an email.