Insert HTML code in HEAD without developer tools

Sparkle is a design tool, and I’ve joined them for the ride. The developer tools are just that; but one always have to be aware of breakage. I code on a very elementary level; and if I wanted to know anymore I would.
Use Sparkle for what it’s designed for.
As @Duncan mentions in the Sparkle philosophy …
“ Some ‍day ‍every ‍designer ‍will ‍use ‍a ‍visual ‍tool ‍for ‍web ‍design, ‍just ‍like ‍we ‍no ‍longer ‍write ‍PostScript ‍to ‍create ‍a ‍leaflet ‍and ‍we ‍no ‍longer ‍use ‍the ‍command ‍line ‍for ‍routine ‍file ‍management ‍tasks”

I’ve bought into the Sparkle philosophy. Enjoy the ride.

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