Insert HTML code in HEAD without developer tools

I’m a little shocked as I took a subscription to Sparkle after having tried the trial version but didn’t notice one small thing and that was to insert HTML into the HEAD. I expected this to be included as thats the inference in the main Sparkle website as follows:

“Wordpress might be free, but it has significant hidden costs. Many everyday things in Wordpress, performance, security, a map, require a plugin or an add-on service. Sparkle is not free, but has everything your site needs built-in”

I need this for several sites to inject a security notice from Clickbank so is really needed and was included in my previous software of Sandvox and also within Wordpress.

Is there a straightforward way to achieve this without paying £99 for developer tools?


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OK, so I’ve found that if I use an embedded box under the header with the html code it works as expected and places the Clickbank “Trusted and Secure” badge at the top left as should be.

However, I’m still unhappy to pay more for the developer tools than for my yearly subscription!

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Welcome onboard @rogerb !:slight_smile:

I’ve been using Sparkle for a while now so have seen both sides of this story…
Sparkle’s story is to offer us Users a no-code platform allowing us to “design” and Sparkle takes care of the rest.

I have also seen the more code savvy Users asking for code access to Sparkle. If I was in the Sparkle Team’s shoes this would have caused me sleepless nights knowing I was serving up a no-code platform.

I think it is something you could discuss further with the Sparkle Team at, but for me I can see that the Sparkle Team has gone out of their way to satisfy the needs of savvy Developers. To me the price says this is not the norm but we have taken it into consideration.

When it comes to me having the need of the Developer Tools I’ll be AOK to pay for the additional functionality. In the end it is a one of cost.


OK thanks for your reply. Well so far I’ve managed to get over most problems but I already have a list of bugs/issues that I’ve stumbled on so far and that if fixed would make life easier for not just me!
Even though I might complain can I make one clear:

I’ve tried/purchased several and this is the best piece of software that I’ve used so far!


Hi @rogerb, welcome. Please do email us the list of issues. We do have a long list of improvements and a pretty clear idea of where we are going, but there are likely things we have missed.

Sparkle focuses on being a visual website builder, and integrating vertically from the design aspects to the deployment and optimization aspects. We kind of draw the line at more advanced coding because it breaks many assumptions we need to make in order to vertically integrate. We would remove the embed element if it wasn’t for the long tail of small code snippets that many websites need.

Injecting code in the head is advanced coding because of the potential side effects, for performance or even basic functionality of the site, so we want to discourage people from buying them.

As you have found out most code embeds have no need for going into the page <head> and should not go there.

On the other hand people who have an understanding of what developer tools will do, and say how placing code in the <head> interacts with Sparkle’s coding, will find them worth the price for scenarios that truly need them.

Hope this helps.


I have a request from my client’s digital media/social campaign manager to add code within the “global header” of every page in order for them to track visitors through the Contact Us button. I was able to imbed their code successfully but apparently it’s only partially working because it’s “placed outside the header.” It sounds like I might need to purchase Developer Tools in order to place code in the header. I don’t mind doing that but I couldn’t locate a place on the website to do it. And before I purchase, is adding code to the header an obvious process or is there documentation that comes with it?


You can buy the developer tools from the “Your License” window in Sparkle.

This page shows the screens you get access to:

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