Inserting Bunny videos in Sparkle

Hi everybody,
my client is a tv broadcasting company who decided to place their video material at The programming responsible colleague sent me some code links for me to insert into an “External Content” placeholder but after uploading unfortunately all videos display error code 403. The colleague told me to edit the code of the page and change the Origin/Referrer-Entry (meta name=“referrer” content=“same-origin”) to make the videos play. The thing is I have to do this every time after I uploaded the page again. I have no experience with code, so is there a more efficient way to deal with this?

Help would be greatly appreciated!


@Alexander, can I ask you if you have used a Sparkle Embed widget to embed the given code?
From what I read you might not have used the Sparkle Embed widget that allows you to embed code into the web page (canvas), and when published always remain the same.

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Hi FlaminFig, thanks for your interest in my topic. I have used the “Embedded Content”-Function an placed the code in there.

In the sparkle window the preview of the video appears but not once it is uploaded. May be it has something to do with the Cookie regulations because it is third party content. I will give it a try there.

The setting you need is right below what your screenshot shows:


You can test, the full page address should work, but maybe the only domain name one also works, and conserves a bit of privacy.