Instagram "post mode"

I am trying to setup the instagram module. I have managed to make the image or gallery to work but when it comes to the instagram module, when i put it in “post mode”, i have a grey block with the white instagram logo inside.
I read on the documentation i could put a post from any account, but i can’t manage to put a post from an account that is not mine. Is this normal ?

thanks for your help

Hard to say without seeing the site. Perhaps your instagram feed doesn’t have enough posts? (Note that IGTV posts don’t actually go in the feed).

Here is a test i made to make it easier to see :

on the left is instagram in a picture, then there is gallery, then an instagram post

let me know what you think,
Many thanks

Thanks. Did you maybe add privacy support and then remove it from the page?

In fact i create this page just to show you, i just put these 3 elements and then published

Mind sending the project?