iPad portrait view not working

I have published my site on https://www.smpl.international. Upon testing the site didn’t show correctly on my iPad although I have specifically created a device layout for the 'Portret layouts (768px). It seems something went wrong with uploading the css files. How can I force Sparkle to re-upload all files instead of only the changed ones?

Just took a look on my ipad and everything looks good, other than a text box overlap on your index page. I’m looking at the iPad in landscape.
Everything looks good. Perhaps I’ve missed something.

Thanks for checking it out. In iPad portrait mode is the site showing at full width?

No. I don’t believe so. Screen shot iPad in portrait and landscape. You can see the text overlap in landscape.

so what has possibly gone wrong that the portrait view for iPad doesn’t show a page wide view? The overlapping text is an issue I know how to handle.

That’s a common problem with apple iPads, those are only showing full view. That problem is with apple and not with sparkle.
I have the same issue and talked to the apple support forum.

@maartenb, it looks like on iPad landscape I am picking up your desktop / laptop device, and when I turn the iPad to portrait I am picking up your mobile device.

How did you create the 768 device?

As explained in the documentation. When previewing the site on an iPad it al works fine, however after publishing nothing seems to have changed.

You appear to have quite a bit of embedded code in there, a starting point would be to remove that code and see if if it is causing the issue. Otherwise send the project file over to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll take a look.

Regarding embedded code I have my ActiveCampaign form code and my Helpfulcrowd code. Are you saying that that is too much? I’ll send you the project file. Thx.

I think I have discovered the cause of the problem. It is related to the hosting settings. Right now it doesn’t seem to be an Sparkle issue.

Not about it being too much, there isn’t a limit, it’s just about random code from third party websites sometimes having odd behavior.