iPad screen resolution with Sparkle?

Hi, I have this page that could fit the iPad screen but it does not?!
There’s room around the sides and bottom for fullscreen but the page is shown smaller.
Could that be fullscreen? I use the browser fullscreen already, still…

Hi @marl, and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Could you please take a screenshot and let us visually see what you are talking about.
There could be a few things here to suggest but we need a bit more to go by…

Thanks for the reply. I tried to get the iPad screen resolution by changing the Desktop res in Sparkle. Things were good on the iPad border to border. But then…the laptop took that same preset online and the layout was too big for the screen. So I returned to the smaller fit on the tablet and the better fit of the page design on laptop.

Ok what are your settings here…

And here…

The settings above allows for me to view all devices correctly.


Unfortunately, with Safari 17 the very comfortable “response view” has disappeared. If you don’t already have it, you have to install the simulator “X Code”.

Then you have a visually valuable view, but you can no longer easily switch between different views or devices. For me, this is not an improvement.

Mr. F.

What, has Apple pulled Enter Responsive Design Mode in the latest Safari?
Apple told me I can’t have the latest macOS so this is news to me.

I see Apple is as clever as ever! :frowning:

Response View is still available with the keys control+command+R, but the old settings are gone.
Maybe there’s a hack to get them back - but i don’t know.
My System told me to use X-Code, what is a really fat download (more then 7 GB)
With this, i have only a very limited choice for the devices.
I’m disappointed :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Mr. F.

Well lucky Firefox, Chrome and a few other browsers have the same capacity to view a website in responsive mode! :slight_smile:


I agree with you that this has been solved more comfortably in Chrome.

In Safari before V17 it looked like this (maybe other devices shown):

In V17 it is now like this:

You can change the pixels manually. However, the presets and the selection of the OS are missing.

There are some 3rd pty extensions for Safari on the market, but i don’t want to use these.

Mr. F.

Opera has it as well:

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