iPage and FTP transfers

I’ve been using iPage to host our domains. Sparkle asks for all the required details about host FTP, but every time we set up a new site it takes hours of ‘chat’ to get the website to upload, even to the extent of sometimes having to use FileZilla to do the transfer.

It’s as if the boxes for completion on the Sparkle upload don’t quite set the right connections with the server, or don’t somehow match the filing system of iPage.

Is there a better webhost out there that anyone can recommend, or a simple fix for making iPage function properly? Ideally it should surely just be a matter of entering the details in Sparkle, click, done. If only.


From what I see @worthmytravels, iPage seems to be dedicated as a website builder platform so maybe that is why there are issues? Their hosting side of things might not be that straight forward?

iPage is primarily a website host; it supports some of the website builders like Wordpress etc, but it’s hosting all of our websites. Once set up, it works, but it’s very clumsy and takes on average 5 hours of ‘chat’ to get the FTP to work from within Sparkle.

I’m just wondering if Sparkle users have a recommended web host that works with one click first time!

I rent space from an Australian hosting company and I have never had any issues with Sparkle connecting & publishing over the last three odd years.

I’ll let others chip in about other hosting platforms that can be recommended because you are likely more European based?

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I have been pleased with ICDSOFT.com for years.
First year: $24 plus domain name.
Then, $78 a year, plus domain.
Excellent web based support that is easy and fast.

At new account sign up, enter email address for client and another for yourself. (Look for that extra address option). This way, BOTH your client and you get all relevant info such as the “welcome email” with all login information… and renewal reminders 11 months later.

They offer two sizes: regular, and business for clients with larger needs.


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I’m in the UK and have recently switched from InMotion (USA) to greenhost.nl - very happy with greenhost.nl and its performance and straightforward pricing. Great environmental credentials, too.


I have iPage hosting as well. I had a horrible time initially getting it set up. I had to ask Duncan directly, he figured out what the problem was. I think it was something very simple like an incorrect URL but it was a huge pain. Sorry not to be more help but it does work with iPage.

I use simply.com with Sparkle - no issues and fast transfer