Is a double blog ‍pagination ‍element possible?

Hi, I really looked on this forum to find an answer, but I can’t find what I’m looking for. I have a blog on my (not published yet) site, and I would like to have the blog ‍pagination ‍element on top ánd on the bottom of my blog index page.

Problem is I tried to just copy the element, but it doesn’t work. And I can’t find where I could add it in the menu either. Am I asking to much of the program ? Or is there a way out of here ? He he

Thanks in advance !

Hi :blush:

I’ve never worked with Sparkle’s blog function, but apparently it’s not even possible to duplicate the blog index page. So I think it’s a deliberate limitation on their part, probably for technical reasons… :confused:

Since there are no more answers I guess no one knows indeed :sweat_smile:
It’s only the numbering I want on top and bottom of my page,…quite a limitation indeed :wink:

The Blog Index pagination @Nathalie can’t be duplicated, only moved.

I’m not sure what you are getting at with “And I can’t find where I could add it in the menu either.”?
By adding pages and blog posts the Sparkle Menu will take care of it not the Blog Index pagination.

That’s a pitty, I hoped to be able to put te number of pages on top and at the bottom, so readers could directly click weither they are at the beginning of the blog or if they are at the bottom.

What I meant was that I couldn’t find in the menu of Sparkle where I could’ve add this segment.
Thanks again for the response !

Just out of curiosity: what does your blog index page look like? In my opinion, it should be short and clear. Is it online? Link?

Then 1 pagination is enough. Are you already using the RSS view of your blog page?

Mr. F.

It isn’t online yet, so I don’t have a link.

It is short, but you can’t shorten and add a ‘read more’ button either automatically. So you’ll have to have the whole blog on the index page, then a page with 5 blogs is already quite long. Therefor I wanted the numbering of pages on top and bottom. That’s all there is on that page


This is exactly how I imagined it. You have the whole blog post in the index. Then it is clear that it becomes confusing.

Take a look at the documentation under RSS View (Full ‍post ‍and ‍summary ‍variants ‍of ‍blog ‍post ‍pages).
Blog Documentation

Shorten the blog post for the RSS View, but make it exciting, so that the visitor continues to read. I think the blog title in RSS is linked directly to the post (I haven’t worked with it for a while). But you can also add “Continue reading …” and link to the post.

What you can also do is a link “Back to the blog overview” and link it to the index (in the full post only).

Then it will be clearer. But that is up to you.

Mr. F.

Oh so a short preview ìs possible ! I will ask someone to read the documentation then, because I’ve read it but English isn’t my native language (Dutch) so I don’t get it al. But that will give a good start, thanks for the tip !

Just wrote an answer that I just wasn’t able to find the solution, even with someone who is good at English. And suddenly i found the button on top of my blog to ‘edit the summary’

I was looking in the options at the right of my page, but It was on top at the theme/pop-up options

This message just in case someone else is looking for it.

Problem solved ! Thanks !

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