Is it possible in Sparkle to merge two form submissions to one email?

I needed to setup two forms on different pages. It was required on the design for the users to submit a few information on the first page and fill in the rest of the form on another page. Is it possible to carry out the submission from the first form to the next one and merge the information to one single email?

That is a strange request? Why doesn’t your clients want the User to fill out the total form on the one page? I’m sure it might be possible with embedded code, but I’m sure it isn’t possible with the Sparkle form itself.

If I could make a suggestion… As the designer I think it would be best to educate your client. If not properly done (because it isn’t the norma at all) you could be frustrating the User more than not.

Hi @Nathan, This is only possible with a PHP script and a database (MySQL).

Not currently possible, but definitely something that we are considering.

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I would find it more interesting if you could change the layout of the sent mail. However, not as a TXT file created by the user, which can - and will - lead to errors.
There should rather be a small editor for this in Sparkle, which then collects all fields. Then the appearance is adjusted and the file is saved in the project.

Mr. F.

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