Is there a limit to the number of pages in a Sparkle Site?

Hello Duncan, and everyone else—
I am a semi-experienced and very enthusiastic Sparkle user, I am currently recreating in Sparkle a website that I originally made, years ago, with Adobe’s now discontinued MUSE program. This website,, is a sort of online magazine or journal of poetry by western American poets. It works even better in Sparkle, but I am worried about the section that I call “Back Issues.” We have 70 back issues (only one page each) dating bak to 2018. I am almost finished ceating these 70 pages in my Sparkle Site. They will all be accessed via links on the “Back Issues” page. But I have the impression that because of the number of pages Sparkle is now slowing down, on my MacBook Pro, and I am wondeing if I am going to run into any size limit for the number of pages in.a Sparkle site.
Thanks Lito

Hi @Lito,

in general there isn’t a limit, though performance in some cases can degrade. We’re working all the time to improve it, happy to look at your project file to check what the performance issues might be about, if you want to send it ( works for that).

Many thanks, Duncan, for your reassuring answer. As my only poetry site,, was nearing completion, and nearing seventy pages, I noticed the my usual periodic saves, while working, were taking longerand longer, with the famous spinning beachball of death just sitting there while Sparkle tried to sve. But every time, after a bit of.a wait, it did finish saving. And now the site is up and functions well. Bravo Sparkle!