Is there a way to display a popup only once?

I placed a popup for registration on my new project Once a visitor closed the popup or even registered, this popup would be displayed again and again whenever the user visits the website. It would have been great if it only pops up only once for a visitor. Is there any way to achieve that?

Good idea. Maybe you could have a cookie set in conjunction with the popup that is valid for the duration of the visit. That would be a conceivable additional option for a popup.
But then the privacy banner must be activated.
I don’t know if this can be realized. The developers have to answer that.

Mr. F.

We have already added the option for the next Sparkle update, using a cookie as @Mr_Fozzie mentions. There’s no requirement for privacy options for first party technical cookies like this.


Thanks @Mr_Fozzie and @duncan. I’m so happy it’s being added on the next Sparkle update.

Oh that is great news! :slight_smile:


Is that already in sparkle?

Mr. F.

@duncan: With Sparkle 3.1 activated, can we make a popup display only once a day? It is almost a must function in South Korea to make popups show only once a day with “one click” marked on the popup. Without the click, the popup is allowed to appear every time when the browser is relaunched.

Sorry that was a reference to a later update I’m afraid.