Is there a way to get Gallery to: 1) not shuffle; and 2) end on a certain pic?

Is it possible to have Gallery stop on a specific pic? I’m trying to get a 3x3 slideshow grid to melt into a larger picture.

Also, Gallery seems to randomly shuffle pics, which would still be kinda OK if it could end at that above-mentioned predetermined spot.


@BillFoote, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

For now you can’t have the Image Gallery stop on a specific image when you have selected “Automatic Slide”. Not selecting it will have the User move through your gallery manually.

Not aware that the Image Gallery randomly shuffles? If you have three images it will start from image1, image2 and then image3.

I was surprised at the shuffling myself, but it did for me with a 12-image or so slideshow on auto. At least it did using the Safari preview, since I haven’t actually uploaded anything yet.

I can’t explain it. I haven’t seen it myself. If you continue noticing it it might be best to get hold of @duncan at and explain what is happening.

Is it shuffling, or runs one way, then the other, which can look random and fooled me. The “Wrap Around” check box determines this.

You may be right about the wrap-around feature. I’d assumed that meant it’d recycle back to the start, instead of what I was really looking for–go through once and stop on the last slide.

I’ve been busy with other projects so I’ve abandoned this for the moment but I’ll check that when I get back, not that it’ll much of a difference.