Issues with Layout Blocks and Visibility on All Pages


Hope someone can assist. I’m replicating my blog in v4 taking advantage of the new Layout Blocks. I’m assuming it should be okay to use multiple layout blocks on each page but when I do, strange things start to happen (like the new layout block will cover all the others etc). After trial and error, mostly okay but when I try to use a layout block for the copyright at the bottom and set visibility to all pages, things go really awry. The pages will add extra length, the copyright text will disappear (moving to other parts of the page etc). Biggest issue is that any changes I make will affect the other page so it ends up a bit of a cat and mouse game.

Luckily I’ve only created two pages. I’ll hold off on making more till I can understand what’s happening and how to avoid.

Can anyone help?

Sure, send the project to, maybe also record a video of the problem happening, etc. The more information we have the better we can understand and solve the problem.

Thank you Duncan. Off to bed in a jiffy but I’ll send a video tomorrow. In the meantime will send you the project file.

Many thanks again!

Having the same issue.

After manipulating the footer layout block, I now have 48 pages that are roughly 1,800,000 pixels tall each. Removing the footer does not fix the height of the pages, and fixing it manually by dragging the bottom of the page up does not seem productive.

Is there a workaround?

There’s a shortcut to fix it: CMD-CTRL-F, but still tedious, sorry about that. We’re looking into it.

CMD-CTRL-F is really helpful, Duncan. Thank you!

Hi @duncan

I have just sent you the video I promised (few days late) which demonstrates the issues I have.

Many thanks!

I also had the same problem,
When you do not place the footer in a layer block an just make it a group and let it follow the footer it works so far.

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Thank you Swedutch! Yes, all okay now thankfully. I was sending myself around the bend :sweat_smile:

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I know! I was in the same state of mind. I was so happy that I got around it!

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