Items moving when scrolling !?!

I have a WideBox containing buttons and at the bottom there is a tiny line as a separator when scrolling up. The WideBox and the items is grouped and set to ‘Stick to the top’.
Beneath the WideBox I have a picture to ‘Hide’ the line so it will show up when the picture is scrolled passed the line. It had worked fine for many years, but now I discovered that the line is moving up leaving a white gap/space beneath. It’s a bug, sure hope it will be fixed.
Picture 2021-09-11 at 18.55.07
Picture 2021-09-11 at 18.55.07

Sorry but no idea please send a project file to showing the issue and we’ll take a look.

Just a follow up, this was an element with scroll effects, not a bug.

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