Just a couple of requests I think would help with workflow

Hello all,
I have just finished completing a website and noticed a couple of things I would like to see on a future updates, I don’t know if they have been asked for before.
The first, I would like to see a button ‘Just for this device’ - Quite a few times when I was creating the mobile site, I was adding elements that I knew would not be going into the desktop version as I had created that version first, but once added, I then had to go through all the other devices to remove them, I know its not a big, but if I could just click a button just for that device it would speed things up a little.
The second is image set up, an example being, if on the desktop version I want the image to be stretched and filled, but if I want the same image on the mobile version not to be stretched as it doesn’t always look right, I can’t do it, I have to up load a new image.
I hope that all makes sense, it’s quite a long post for two short requests.
Best wishes



These are very good suggestions!

I believe the first request has already been suggested by others, and I have also asked for it myself. Indeed, it would be very useful. Even more practical would be the ability to check the devices on which the element should appear. This way, the elements would not be visible on unchecked devices.
I would also like to see that, when an element is hidden on a device, it may still sometimes interfere with the layout, even though it’s invisible. Sometimes, we can’t properly adjust the footer because of a hidden element, and I find that unfortunate.

As for the second request, I would also like to see it implemented. Speaking of stretched images, it would be nice to be able to stretch the background image of the pages as well.


Yes the check box for the type of device would be better, that’s a good idea.


I knew there was something else and it’s just come to me when I started my next project. quite often when I’m working on the mobile breakpoint I often set the zoom to something like 200% but every time I leave that breakpoint and then go back to it I have to set the zoom again. Sometimes I am switching backward and forwards quite a bit and it just slows the workflow down a bit.


+1 for zoom state to stay the same when switching between device views


Has been requested long ago …

Mr. F.