Just calm down and open your eyes!

It is so easy to sit on the other side of the fence and point fingers not knowing the fine line and complexity of making Sparkle work for the majority and for all the web-compliant browsers!!!

Us web designers need to rethink in how we serve up websites, especially if we have decided to work with Sparkle, and stop bullying the creators of Sparkle - there are only two of them! I know they will hold their tongue as they cop abuse so I will say it for them! Back off and appreciate the hard work that has gone into Sparkle3 and put your user-case across instead of ranting and raving and spitting the dummy - so totally immature!

Pick and choose your clients and let them know that 30, 40, 80 pages on mobile is just outright ridiculous and we are not here to put books online but websites, unless that is specifically called for!

I have had the chance to play, test, and build out websites in Sparkle3 and if you think outside the box and open your eyes to a new way of creating websites then Sparkle3 is going to outshine your wildest expectations!!! :slight_smile:


Totally agree. :+1:

Most humans are basically selfish.

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Could not agree more. I am still amazed about how Duncan manages to always stay calm, polite, professional no matter what.

I really like Sparkle 3.0! What an amazing software and development, especially for a team of two!


Well I totally understand the frustration, and there are very complex situations in this crisis. People lose money, lose their jobs, lose friends and family.

In this context, seeing “you have to pay” brings blood to the eyes. What we try to do is get people to understand we’re not demanding anything.

Quite the opposite, we’re offering new features for free, payment is it’s not required. Sparkle 3 lets people upgrade to the latest version and have all new fixes.

New features required a lot of work so, clearly, we ask money for some of them.