Layers between devices

My method of working is to begin on a desktop device to create my site. I just use layers and groups items within them in a top down order. for example:-
Top menu>image, menu, button
Titles>title1, tagline
Body Group>Body1>item1,item2 etc…etc…

i get pretty anal regarding topdown order of elements to make it easier navigating for editing. Now when i change device, understandably, things get higgledy piggledy. But I’m finding that layers get confused and elements can be spread about, seemingly in other layers.

It would be really helpful and cool to really have these layer groups lock in the hierarchal order we put them in when we go between devices. Unless I am missing something obvious of course …


I dont think the layers order changes when you change between devices

CleanShot 2023-07-28 at 09.18.22

Is this what you’re referring about?

You are correct. My bad. I was messing around with the arrangemt page which alters the heirarchy of course.