Layout block - cannot change the height to smaller

Hi, I am adjusting a website from Dutch to French and have therefor made a copy of the Dutch site to translate it to French. On the duplicated French one my Header layout block does not want to change height to smaller and I cannot figure out why that it is.
Does someone have a suggestion or came across it?

Try this: Mark all the objects you have in this layout block (not the Layout block itself) and pull them to the very top of the block. Now you are able to pull the lower border of the block up to the lowest object.


@Drbernd, dat dit not do the trick.


The trick is to provide sufficient information about the problem. Screenshots are very welcome.

You could check the layers panel (my new best friend, by the way). Mark the Layout Block and check what’s in it.

Everything else is just guesswork.

Mr. F.