Layout different in preview

Hi, I am in the process of updating my website. I have added another page with no problem and a couple of pics to existing galleries, however one of the pages’ layout has changed in live preview; pictures that were down the right hand side of the page have been moved so that the right hand side is now empty and the pictures are now on the left making the page longer and the items incorrectly ordered. I am using SparkleOne, 4.0.7. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

I seem to have found the cause - I think a text box overlapping the object below was throwing the layout - I think I’ve resolved it. Oh well hopefully this may help someone else with the same problem!

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That does sound like a bug. Next time (or if you still have the original project causing the issue) please send it to us, we definitely want to look into these kinds of issues and solve them.

Strangely, I found another text box overlapping the object below on a different page but it didn’t throw out the layout of that page (?). Oddly, I reduced the length of the text box on the problematic page and it cured the problem

Hi Duncan, on another issue I have since upgrading: I now have scroll bars alongside my gallery pictures although they weren’t there in my published site (created before the upgrade) and I don’t know if it’s something I can control but I definitely haven’t added them myself.

What you describe is not a general problem, it doesn’t happen to me at a quick test of adding images in a gallery. and there’s not enough information to help. Most likely you should send the project file and help us recreate the circumstance causing scrollbars to show.