Layout Grid Order

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the order of layout grid blocks, ie, when a new one is added, can it be added as the first I-just and not added to the end. Also, can they be moved around? I would like to be able to put a ‘what’s on’ grid on a page and when there’s a new event, add it in the right place, according to date, ie, if a gig gets booked between tow existing ones, can I add a back into the correct place and the rest move around it?

Thanks in advance.

Unlike the image/video grid, the standard layout grid doesn’t allow for reordering of the cells. What you have to do is add an extra cell to the grid, grab the content from each cell and move over to the next cell. The cell will highlight with a pink bounding box when the content can be dropped. With the image/video grid things are a little simpler because you can move content into different positions within the edit panel.

Thanks. I was hoping for a way to avoid this if possible. It is not too bad if you create a group within the cell and move that as one, but it would be easier if there were a way to reorder the cells themselves. Who knows in future upgrades, maybe. In the meantime, it is a fantastic feature to have.

I would second that thought: I, too, produce a ‘what’s on’ calendar, so the ability to re-order grid cells would be excellent :slight_smile:

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