Lightbox - issue?

I have a gallery with each photo being able to expand the preview with a lightbox.
All was working until I added the form at the bottom (I think).
Now it appears only the first two images zoom - the rest do not.
Could someone shed some light on what I’ve screwed up?
Website which is live but I can’t share the link with the dog clubs until I fix it… thanks so much.

@iVivid, could it be parts of the form is overlapped your images?

Yes and no. From here down the pics won’t Lightbox zoom. But the little menus aren’t grouped and have to be on top. It WAS working until I put the contact details to enter at the bottom of the page.

Did you create the form in another device?
Have you checked your Layers Panel on the left to see if you can find the culprit element?
Maybe also check to see that the active linking of your images are above other elements?

Your images, are they part of a shopping cart?..

No, it is ALL done in Sparkle… I found a solution - I selected the bit of the form which is at the bottom of the page (which didn’t overlap and didn’t have any overlapping elements) and sent it to the back. Now it all works again. Pic of bottom of page attached for helping others (perhaps)? LOL. Thanks mate, you were right - but I still couldn’t figure out what was overlapping.

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Terrific news @iVivid //as I see sparkle(s) fly! :slight_smile:

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