Limit Sparkle File?

Hi Duncan,
is there a limit how big or how many pages a Sparkle file should have ?

At the moment I have 69 pages with a volume of 1,6 GB

Xxiao Armin

If there is a limit on the number of pages, it’s certainly higher than 69 pages. My site stands at 470 pages as of today. But my project file size is only 466MB.

The largest Sparkle project we know of in terms of pages has around 1300 pages. The largest Sparkle project we know of in terms of size is 147GB (we got a copy and it wasn’t easy).

We are working hard to raise the limits because everybody’s projects are growing.

We mentioned the load performance improvements some time ago:

From the developer labs, work on the next major version of Sparkle has been ongoing for a while.

The Sparkle documentation is a 412MB file with 62 pages, 43494 words, 512 images.

On a MacBook Air with M1, Sparkle 4.2 loads it in 12.9 seconds.

The next version: 2.9 seconds

though this is kind of understating the performance gains. Sparkle 5 won’t just load a project file faster, in v5 only the first page of the project is loaded initially, so essentially the time is constant regardless of the project file.

And we are also in the process of making a similar improvement in saving times for large projects. For example we recently tested with a 35GB customer project file and the save time went from 5 and a half minutes to under 10 seconds.

We’ll definitely be telling you more about both of these, but ultimately the goal is for everybody to feel confident they can rely on Sparkle for their growing project.

Both these are coming in Sparkle 5, and unfortunately we don’t yet have a release date to announce.

Finally we fixed a few issues for different edge cases that caused excess memory use during publishing, and while some rare cases saw really bad memory use causing Sparkle to stall forever or in some cases the Mac to freeze, everybody will benefit from a lower typical memory usage during publishing. These we consider bad bugs so they’re fixed for Sparkle version 4.5.8 that’s coming in a few days.


THX Duncan,
then there will be on my tiny project no problem in the next future

Xxiao Armin