Limitations of the different Sparkle versions, beginner question

Hello, I have a question about the limitations of the different versions of Sparkle, maybe I am getting something wrong.
Is it really the case that the “Number of sites that can be published” is limited to 1 for the Basic and One versions?
Does that mean: I create a website, publish it, and then I can never use the software for another website?
Somehow I do not believe that, can someone explain to me how that is meant?
Many thanks !

Welcome @helfriedwildenhain,

yes Sparkle Basic and Sparkle One are inexpensive as they are thanks to various limitations.

When you first publish your site, you are asked to confirm that you are indeed publishing to the site you want, and from there one the license is locked to that site.

You can later lift the restriction by upgrading to Sparkle Pro.

Originally we only had Sparkle Pro, and the entry price was much more expensive. I think many many people benefit from Sparkle Basic and Sparkle One’s lower price, so we like to keep it this way, even if the restriction seems odd.

OK, thank you very much for your fast reply !
So if I buy Sparkle One now and then later upgrade to Pro, I only pay a lower upgrade price then - or the difference?
best regards

Yes the price difference, that’s correct.

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Ah - cool - good to know !
thanks & best!

Bought basic - for now. I will probably upgrade for the next website, but first I have to edit this one.
By the way - a great software, extremely intuitive for me, since I am very familiar with Pages - and do not have much knowledge of html etc. :slight_smile:

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