Linkedin badge issue

Hi guys, trying to get Linkedin badge on website.

It instructs you to initially put the first snippet of code anywhere on the page and then the next step is to embed the code for the badge.

However I end up with just underlined text and not a badge

Hi @mccauld, to put code in a page you don’t put it in a text box, you put it in the settings of an embed element. Did you add the embed element to the page?

Hi Duncan,

Thanks, I meant to clarify yes I used embed for first snippet as well

Hi Mccauld,

I believe the issue is not with you or Sparkle, but with LinkedIn.

I tried to integrate it myself. The badge doesn’t display on my website created with Sparkle, nor on a non-Sparkle website. Moreover, it doesn’t even show up in the preview on LinkedIn’s website for me.

Hi Allan,
Thanks. I instead use a linked in png logo and then set the LinkedIn page as the destination when clicked .
However wuth sparkle Seo check, the linkedin link is broken but it does actually work on the site

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