Linking Dropdown menu with Price change box

I’m building a website that has a section that will sell books - hopefully!
How would you connect a drop-down menu (Hardback - Paperback) and a seperate textfield which will change the amount depending on which version, and total, of the book picked?
Hope that makes sense!


You can do that using the popups system, but we would need more info that would hopefully help you out on deciding:

  • How are you planning to sell these books? Are you using Snipcart, Stripe, Paypal, Ecwid, etc, as the payment gateway and distribution method of authentication?

  • Are there only two categories? How many products roughly would each have?

My poison of choice would be PayPal for the moment but I have been told others are better… :grinning:

There would be two options for each book: Paperback and Hardback, both having different prices and possibly up to ordering 10 books at a time (with discount). Hope that helps…


Oh okay, then you have two ways in doing this

  1. Is via Ecwid embedding system. Ecwid is a full fledge ecommerce solution - it handles the payment (using your poison of choice, PayPal, for example), your clients and serves as an CRM and an ERP - less trouble for you. For up to 10 different products, you can use their free plan.

How it works in Sparkle: you just link your Ecwid store account ID on your Sparkle site settings or copy your Ecwid store code into a embed widget in Sparkle - your webshop will appear with categories and products, and Ecwid will handle everything for you.

  1. Is having multiple PayPal Buy buttons - so you would have a button for one quantity and X buttons for other quantities, as you would design the description and the product within Sparkle itself. This way you can have a popup that handles one category and another category being in the main page - click the button and the popup would overlap the content on the main page, showing the new category with the new buttons.

To be honest, 2 is simple but just doesn’t sound right. 1 would give you more control and stats over buyers, while handling everything for you

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Yeah I thought Ecwid looked a lot better than PayPal. I shall take another look at it.



Just to add…
To make it a breeze for a potential clients not to think but just buy @primo suggestion with going with a shopping cart is the best option for your needs.

The shopping cart will allow the category as a dropdown - softcover, hardcover, with the relative prices for the client to choose from.

…that had crossed my mind - thanks :+1: