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I have a page in my camera club site where club members are invited to add ‘Tips and Techniques’, with each Tip being in its own Text box. The number of topics, and the size of each text box changes over time.
People can scroll down the page, looking at the various Tips, but may wish to jump straight to one of interest. At the top of the page I have a button for each topic and would like to link each button directly to the relevant Text box, rather than the location within the page since the Text boxes will keep changing their location. Is this possible? Or, do I need to place each Tip on a separate page, and lose the scrolling option?
Many thanks


You cannot link to text boxes. Inserting scroll locations requires a lot of manual work, as everything has to be moved manually.

Layout blocks could help with this, as they automatically push other blocks. But the scroll locations stay where they are. You then have to move them all individually.

You could also use pop-ups in the style of a mega menu (see documentation). Or, as you say yourself, create a page for each theme.

Mr. F.

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Thank you. I feared that was going to be the answered: I hoped someone had come up with a cunning solution.