LMS Integration

Hi All,

I need help I’m building a multilingual course module website on sparkle my problem is the client ask me if I can integrate LMS on the website I’m doing, is that possible? if it is how can I do it.?

Thank you.

I’m not sure what LMS is, so probably not.

Hi Sir Duncan,

LMS is a ( Learning Management System ) like the adobe captive prime software on which I can create quizzes on it and grade it, on WordPress it can be done through a plugin. I really need for my web course project that I’am doing.

Heres the video tutorial which i like to do on sparkle.
Is this doable on sparkle or there’s a work around that I can do.? to accomplish this.

Thank you in advance.

I’m sorry I’m not familiar with those tools. Might be possible to integrate, but I don’t really know what Adobe Captivate exports or how the Wordpress plugin works.

It’s okay Sir Duncan.


Hey Eric, Moodle is an open source, self hosted LMS that should be able to embed in Sparkle. I haven’t tried it yet, but it should work easily.

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Thank you for that suggestion I will try it out.