Locking a pop-up to an image on a page

On my website I have several group photos with 20-30 people scattered around. I created a pop-up for each photo so if you click on the image a pop-up overlay comes up on top of the image with names (made with buttons) on the image pointing to each person (click here for a sample).

My question is can a pop-up be “locked” to an image layered below it? Right now anytime I make any change on the page I have to go back and realign the pop-up for each photo. Thanks.

@updeinva Sparkle’s cavas is pixel perfect, and no element moves any other element(s).
This allows for the WYSIWYG websites that Sparkle generates! :slight_smile:

So that means if you move your elements on the canvas then you will need to match that movement with your popup(s)…