Locking position of an image to bottom page

Hello dear Sparklers!

Maybe this is a “peanut-question”?! I could not find any solution by myself.

But I would like to lock an image to left corner of bottom page

Is that possible?

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@mynona, Are you wanting it to the left bottom of the browser page when Previewed, or the left bottom of the chosen device’s canvas, eg 960?

Hello @greenskin

For the visitors: image shall stick to left bottom of any browser page. Like the footer always sticks to the end of page.

Thank you!


You have to build a group of at least 2 elements. 1 is your image and 2 could be a transparent wide box. Then tick “fix at the bottom of the browser”. Don’t make it scroll.

And set “visible on all pages”.

Mr. F.

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@Mr_Fozzie Is on the right track!

You will need to place your image in an editor and give the canvas width at least 2400 and then place your image towards the left hand edge. Once you do what Mr-Fozzie mentioned align the image to the left to make sure it sticks to the left.

Here is an example - https://www.flaminfig.com/about-us.html (about half way down) where I have a wide-box with an image in it. So in your case 2/3rd would be transparent and your image will take up 1/3rd on the left hand side.

Hope that helps…

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@Mr_Fozzie, & @greenskin! Thank you both!

I already grouped the image with a transparent wide box when I posted my question. But it did not do the job. (see picture I posted)

Do you think I have to create a canvas with black background in PS? 2400px width? Then layer the photograph?

IT WORKED! With creating a canvas of 2400px width it worked!!!

Thanks a lot!

Have a wonderful day!

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