Loops in "smart field" and randomly loaded banners

Hello everyone,
I have two issues that I would like to solve, but have not been able to yet:

  1. Is there a possibility with the “smart field” tool to create a line of text that repeats its animation each time? I have tried the typewriter effect, but when it finishes typing the letters, I would like it to start over. It would be useful to use as a news viewer
  2. If I wanted to make banners appear randomly, is there any way or solution? Maybe someone has already done this.

Thank you all for any responses.


When we are talking about only one line of text, like “This is CNN breaking NEWS …” that should be repeated for ever, you could do this with duplicating this line, set “remove” and the time (at least the first two) to zero.
Then set both to “repeat in a loop”.

I hope the terms i used are the english ones, because i use a different language.

Mr. F.

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Thank you, now I have a better compression of tool. I’ll try to create different combination to get effect!

Instead, idea to create a random banners?


Not sure if sparkle can do this with its toolbox. You might need a 3rd pty script, like this one here:

But don’t ask me how to put this in your pages.

Mr. F.

Infact, I don’t believe that it is possible to insert in a Sparkle page. Perhaps, the code go into head of html…
Anyway, thank you!