Lottie files from svg-to-lottie don't work in Sparkle (yet?)

The lottie website has a page where you can convert your own svg to Lottie.

Then you download them as a json and supposedly use them as Lottie animation. At this point Sparkle doesn’t recognize it.
In the lottiefiles app it works though, and also on the Lottiefiles website.
Is there a workaround to get svg’s converted to Lottie working? I tried to compare my converted Lottie with a free download Lottie in VS-code but I can’t see differences.


Looks like a bug in the lottie file format detection. Fixed now.

Should I wait for the version update, or is there a workaround to make it work in this version?
I could alter the json manually to make the detection work.

Sure. You can add an empty array named “assets” at the top level.

Thank you
That works for me.