Mac OS 14 Sonoma....okay to upgrade to it now?

Hi, My Mac keeps bugging me to upgrade to Mac OS 14 Sonoma…is it okay to upgrade to it now? Or should I wait a bit to keep Sparkle happy?
I’m sure that Duncan is playing “whack a mole” late into the night, ironing out any bugs that Apple has sent his (our) way!

I believe 5.1 is all good for Sonoma as the email we’ve received says. Check your inbox to see if you’ve gotten it!

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All well and good here!

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Personally I wouldn’t load any operating system until it was in its .2 or .3 iteration, at least. I’ve only just installed Ventura, since it’s now as mature as it’s ever going to get.

I’ve downloaded as soon as released. Since then had no issues.