Mac OSX Catalina

I am moving from Mohave to Catalina. Any implications for Running Sparkle? Can I just copy the software from my old machine or should I re-download? Also how do I enter my license code?

andrex991 So far I was concerned, everything worked finde and flawless.

The OS system works just fine with Sparkle. With regard to the licensing, if you downloaded the Sparkle app from the app store, you can simply sign into the app store using your old credentials on the new machine. This should then give you the option of re-downloading Sparkle again because it will not be seen on the new computer. If you downloaded from the Sparkle Website, I think you can use the original installation file on the new system. I’m not sure what happens with the licensing though. You may have to deregister the software from your old machine and then reactivate the licence on your new machine.

Since you mention the license code I assume you purchased from our site (no code on the AppStore), so you can just download Sparkle from our site again, it will prompt for the code when you first launch it.

I purchased a Pro version a few months ago. I’m not sure where the App Store got involved, but I will do as you suggest. Thank you.

@duncan, this worked fine. All now in order!