Made it with Sparkle

Despite my recent rant, I persisted and finally understood three very important contributors to the ease of translation between devices. In case it hasn’t hit you yet they are: layout blocks, duh; the correct ordering of elements and layers in blocks, which I believe to be crucial and haven’t really seen addressed in docs, unless I’ve looked past it; and the magic of ‘Show on this Device’ - by duplicating blocks and using this feature everything becomes easier and much more flexible, ie, animate while scrolling on desktop v non-scrolling on phone. It’s brilliantly done.


Please explain! I have so many problems with unintended overlappings and so on. At this time with blogs. The mobile version of my newest site looks great on the Sparkle canvas, but confusing on the page view in Sparkle and in Safari on my Mac (but why???), and won’t even open on my iPhone. It makes me crazy.

And when I move the overlapping lay-out block down and everything looks good again (except for a gaping hole on the canvas) and even in Safari on the Mac, it still won’t load on my iPhone. Maddening! This has cost me a whole day now.

I really hope there is an explanation & cure!

It looks more like a bug. I advise you to send your project to Duncan.

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Thanks Allan. I did.

I have fixed this one by going back in time and combining the three topmost layout blocks in one. Now they have stopped rearranging themselves.


Sorry, I just saw your question. Glad you got it worked out.