Make images 'draggable'? Sparkle 4

Hey guys!

I am using Sparkle 4 to make my portfolio. I’d upgrade to 5 but I don’t have much of a justification nor the spare money to do so.

I’m trying to make my site interactive and fun, and almost like you are visiting my computer desktop. One of the ideas I had is to have some images randomly scattered (within reason) across the screen, and allow the user to drag them around. Just a fun interactivity thing.

Is this possible? If not, any ideas on how I could incorporate another form of interactivity that IS possible?

Thanks, been loving using Sparkle! I’ll post my website here once it’s done :smile:

This isn’t a feature that you will find as standard in web builder applications - there are simply too many variables involved, depending upon what a web designer is trying to achieve. However, there is always the possibility of adding the code required to make such things happen. In the developer tools area of Sparkle you can add Javascript and CSS files, both of which will be required to make things draggable on your web page. You will also have to add some head code to the page (to call up the javascript), and you will need to embed some HTML code on your page to create the actual draggable element(s). If you’re into this level of coding, you will be able to incorporate most things within the Sparkle environment, but don’t expect these types of features to be standard - they’re not a standard requirement for most people.

There is still a discount for Sparkle 5 upgrades available, talk to Duncan.